Jacklyn Brady: A Sheetcake Named Desire


Cute cozy mystery.  Definitely a light, quick read.  It has everything you need for a series cozy mystery.  Colorful cast of characters, believable device to get protagonist involved, great setting (New Orleans post-Katrina), popular theme (baking) and red herrings and misdirection to keep the mystery going.  The gist of the story is that Rita has traveled to New Orleans to meet with her husband, who she is separated from, in order to get him to sign the divorce papers.  There is a murder and Rita becomes embroiled with it and the husband’s bakery business.

The only issue that I had was that the characters kept making a big deal that the victim had been acting in an erratic and unexpected manner and Rita even questions if perhaps he was not well.  That is not explored or explained with the resolution. I am not really sure what that was about or if a point was being made that we don’t really know other people.  Maybe it will be brought up later in the series?  Overall, an enjoyable cozy mystery and I will read more in the series.

3 thoughts on “Jacklyn Brady: A Sheetcake Named Desire

  1. The title and colorful made me smile. (and now i long for some colored cake, too.)

  2. […] is the second book in a series.  The first was A Sheetcake Named Desire which I read here.  I liked the first one so I am looking forward to reading this book in the […]

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