S.J. Bolton: Now You See Me

I read this book as a selection from the British English Kindle Mystery group on Goodreads. It was a very engaging and well written mystery.  So much so that I actually took my Kindle to work so I could finish it at lunch because I didn’t want to wait to find out how it ended. Twists and turns throughout, but still kept within the realm of the probable. I got slightly confused at one point but I assume that was due to the boatload of cold meds I was taking while reading .Although, I knew some of the mystery prior to the reveal, I didn’t have all the details right.

Great, well-developed characters with strong, authentic feeling personalities. The character of Lacey Flint is complicated with secrets of her own, much like a real person.  The chemistry between Lacey and DI Joesbury keeps the reader guessing throughout the book.

The author took a big risk with the “Jack the Ripper” hook. There are so many Jack the Ripper books and movies that it is difficult to be original.  S.J. Bolton managed to keep the story line fresh and interesting in Now You See Me.  There were some similarities to a plot from an old Dirty Harry movie, but to say more would be a spoiler so I won’t…besides most people reading this now probably don’t even know who Dirty Harry was :). Highly recommended for British mystery fans.

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