Jersey Red

“Wine makes all things possible.”

~The Mystery Knight”
― George R.R. Martin, The Mystery Knight

Perhaps….but it certainly has not helped me solve my dilemma this evening. Came in from a suckass day at work and cracked open a bottle of Jersey Red. I know, I know, wine….from New Jersey. It should be an oxymoron. But you know what, it was good. Sweet and fruity tasting and combined with the beautiful sunshine in the backyard it was heavenly.

The dilemma that spurred all this was the result of entirely too much estrogen in the work place, nasty passive aggressive bitchery. So to take the high road and ignore it or take the low road (infinitely more fun in the short term) and get even…hmmm. Still thinking, in a rather red wine relaxed kind of way…Let’s think:

Seriously, though…much rather work with men any day of the week.

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