Here are my four latest crime reads. Snow White Must Die is book 4 in a series in which I have not read the others. I will probably go back and read them because this was an excellent read. A man is released from prison and returns home after serving time for the murder of two female classmates. He was convicted with no bodies ever being located. Now one of the bodies has been found and the investigation that is kicked off threatens to uncover secrets that an entire town has hidden away. The story builds and reveals how one lie leads to another until it seems to take on a life of its own and become unwieldy and unsustainable. Great crime read.

The Chestnut Man is an excellent crime read. Bodies are found with little chestnut men at the scene. The chestnut men have a finger print on them which seems to be impossible as the person is a missing child presumed dead. After believing her dead her parents, one of them a high ranking politician, are forced to reexamine their daughter’s fate. Lots of twists and turns and at points a back and forth time line as the past reveals clues into the current case. Highly recommended read.

Cruel Mercy is book 6 in the Aector McAvoy series. In this installment of the series, Aector is pushed far from his family and his comfort zone, all the way to New York City. His wife’s Traveler background has pulled Aector into a crime in New York in which one man is dead, another near death, and Aector’s brother-in-law is missing. This is a series that I really enjoy and even though I am not a big fan of the New York setting this was still an excellent read in the series. Glimpses into the worlds of Boxing, Russian organized crime and the Mafia. All three form a bloody intersection and Aector just wants to find his brother-in-law and return home before the trouble in New York spreads to the families at home.

The Inspector and Silence is book 5 in the Inspector van Veeteren series. Here are protagonist is getting older and tired. He dreams of a little job in a bookshop, a respite from the blood and tragedies of police work. Before he can move any further towards retirement, he becomes involved in a case concerning the disappearance of a young girl and a religious cult. The depiction of the cult life with its austerity and beaten down women and girls was well done. There are many red herrings as two more bodies through fuel on the flames. A good wrap up ending solving the case. This was fast paced with some dark humor shown through Van Veeteren’s thoughts and interviews.

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  1. Tina says:

    I like the sound of The Chestnut Man, will look for that one at the library.

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