Pre-Thanksgiving Reads

Out of all these Black Run is the only new series for me, although I have watched the TV series. I really love the show and the picked up the book based on that. The book did not disappoint. Very similar feel to the show. In Black Run, we meet Rocco, who has been banished from his beloved Rome to the north of Italy. He is called to the scene of a gruesome “body squashed by snowplow” scene. Rocco is not exactly a straight and narrow kind of policeman, however he is very good at what he does. He has many suspects and clues pointing this way and that. Well paced, immersive, police procedural. I will definitely be reading more in this series.

Victim 2117 is book 8 in the Department Q series. This installment had a different feel as the focus is on Assad and his family. This is a much darker outing in the series as the reader learns of the tragedies in Assad’s past. Along with Assad’s story line there is a connected subplot of a young deranged man, Alexander, who intends to wreak havoc on the real world just as he does in his computer games. Excellent book in a great series. Very dark themes of child sexual abuse.

Winterkill is book 6 in the Dark Iceland series. Ari Thor is looking forward to seeing his ex and child again as they are coming to visit for the holiday. In the midst of all this though a new investigation begins as a young girl seems to commit suicide in the middle of town. Ari finds himself torn between the investigation, dealing with his less than respectful protege, his ex and child, and a possible new romance. Interwoven storylines come together to make an engaging read. Highly recommend.

Deception on His Mind is book 9 in the Inspector Lynley series. Although the series is Inspector Lynley, he does not figure in this installment of the series. This is entirely about DI Barbara Havers, his partner. Barbara is on leave to recover from injuries but decides to follow her neighbor to Balford-el-Nez rather than rest and relax. She gets involved in a case that has all the hallmarks of a hate crime and tensions are running high in the local community. The case has a well written cast of characters with red herrings and clues to follow. A very good installment that allows Havers to carry the book on her own.

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