Halloween Weekend Books

These are both books from authors that I have read before. The End of Wasp Season is book 2 in the Alex Morrow series. I did read book 1 and I liked this one actually more than the first. From the start we see the murder of a young woman whose mother has just died and seems to have been killed in error, a case of mistaken identity perhaps or is it? The story vacillates back and forth. The story winds its way through the mind of the teenage perpetrator, whose world of wealth and privilege was ripped apart by the actions of his selfish father and less so his self absorbed mother. This turns into a study of the psychology of a family and in the end you don’t know who to feel more sympathy for, Sarah, or Thomas, with his dead father, neglectful mother and suicidal sister. The story of Thomas, his dead father and dysfunctional family is set alongside a subplot about Alex Morrow and her father’s death and her dysfunctional family and the young teen relative also in trouble for a violent crime. A great police procedural read.

The Other Woman’s House is about my third try at Sophie Hannah. These books keep getting recommended to me. This one is technically a Do Not Finish. I gave up on it and just skipped to the end and made sure that the ending was what I thought it was. The story is just so unnecessarily convoluted. The .police officer characters on their honeymoon, why did they get married? Their behavior was ridiculous. It is just not for me.