Some Brief Notes on a Few Reads…

The Little Shop of Found Things is a relatively quick read with a blend of magic and romance. I have to admit I am not a fan of time travel in general, but this was fine for me. I liked the character of Xanthe and the idea of her “power”. Xanthe can get a read on certain objects, the emotions and history that leaves an imprint within them. She then is roped into helping a rather demanding ghost in the new shop that she is opening with her mother. Things do tie together rather nicely and there are some threads that I am sure will be picked up in future books in the series. I just never felt that this book hit its full potential. An okay magical romance read.

Anything is Possible is set in the Olive Kitteridge universe. The strength here is in the writing of the small town voice. The characters read as authentic, as do their emotions. I am not usually a fan of short stories and read very few of them, but I did enjoy this. The visits with Lucy Barton and her family and getting to see how the Barton family was interwoven into the town was an excellent read. This is for fans of excellent slice of life writing.

The Diva Haunts the House and The Diva Cooks a Goose are books four and five in the Domestic Diva Mystery series. Both of theses were good outings in a classic cozy mystery series. The Domestic Diva refers to Sophie Winston. Her extended family make up the colorful cast of characters that reappear in each episode along with recipes and “Dear Abby” letter style chapter headers. Good reads for fans of culinary cozy mysteries.