Library reads this week

The Broken Spine is a book I hesitated to read because it gave me a vibe as a magical mystery for some reason, not usually my type. But I’m glad that I did as it was not, and it was a well done mystery. A small town library is being modernized to the point that the books are being eliminated, Trudell Beckett is trying to save as many as she can and in that process stumbles on a body and becomes the chief suspect in a murder. She can hardly admit what she was doing in the library so she is somewhat of a predicament. Plenty of suspects and red herrings to go around. A well written cozy mystery that I really enjoyed.

Going Out In Style is a fashion based cozy. It was just okay not a series I would continue reading.

Innocent Graves is book 8 in the Inspector Banks series. The teen daughter of a wealthy and influential figure is killed and so the pressure is on to solve the case quickly and neatly with minimal upset or embarrassment for the family. There is a drunken vicar’s wife, the vicar himself already under a cloud for accusations of misconduct, an immigrant worker who seemingly harassed the girl in the past, and a cast of other characters. Their sights hone in on a man who is quickly arrested. The fall out of the case is felt throughout the community. Themes of innocence and retribution. Another very good read in the Inspector Banks series.

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