Mid – July Reading…

The Thursday Murder Club is a book I’ve seen on several blogs and picked up at the library. It was a fun read involving a group of mainly seniors who’ve been put out to pasture. They turn their hand and their considerable expertise from long and varied careers to solving a current crime and an older one as well. There are evil developers to stop, old mobsters to unearth (maybe literally), and justice to be done. Light on the humor, more of a soft boiled writing, with journal entries and several points of view. There are also police procedural elements included. A very good read and deserving of the publicity it is receiving, it needs attention to keep all the characters straight.

The Diva Takes the Cake is the 2nd in the very popular and long lived Domestic Diva series. This is book 2 in a series that is now on its 14th book. I read the 1st book quite a long time ago and will admit it didn’t really grab me. I decided to give the series a second try and I am glad I did. I found this second book a fun read. Sophie is organizing her sister Hannah’s wedding to Craig. Even though Sophie isn’t crazy about Craig she thinks everything might be okay. A murder, unexpected guests, jewel thieves, and more soon prove that this wedding will be beyond challenging. Fun cozy read.

Guaranteed to Bleed is the 2nd in the Country Club Murders series. I am enjoying this series sent in the 1970s. I just love the whole nostalgic feel to it as well as the mystery and the writing. In this installment, Ellison stumbles across a dying boy. She makes it her mission to uncover the girl he professed his love to in his dying words, so she can deliver the message. Themes of mental illness and child abuse in the 1970s when things were dealt with much differently. Good perhaps not quite cozy mystery read.

A Side of Murder is the first in a new cozy series set in New England. A somewhat disgraced chef returns home to a small town to her inherited property and dog. Her first night out at her new restaurant review job, she finds a body floating in the water behind the restaurant. From then on she is immersed in the mystery, involving developers, restaurants, blackmail and murder. A well done cozy mystery. I will read another in this series.

A Fine Fix, Beachfront Bakery: A Killer Cupcake, A Fiesta Burger Murder, and Mousse and Murder were all okay cozy mystery reads for me.