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A somewhat eclectic mix of reads😁

The Joy of Forest Bathing is a simplified approach to shinrin-yoku.  It includes ideas to engage in the practice and seasonal approaches.  A helpful beginning guide with light, less science heavy prose than some other books on the topic.  The illustrations are delightful and I can’t for the life of me put my finger on what they remind me of.  There is also some beautiful forest photography included.

Murder of a Lady is part of the British Library Crime Classics series.  It was actually number 12 in the sleuth Dr Hailey’s series of what would end up  being  27 books.  This is a locked room mystery with echoes connecting to a past crime.  All the elements you expect, an impoverished laird trying to keep up appearances, several people who have stories to tell and reasons to want the victim dead, and a waiting inheritance.   Certainly an unusual murder resolution here, I didn’t figure it out.  This was a  good read from the Golden Age of Mystery.

Dark Hollows by Steve Frech is psychological thriller.  The protagonist, Jacob Reese, is currently the owner of a vacation rental and coffee shop, but in his former life he was a low level criminal.  His past comes back to haunt him and he finds himself racing to uncover what is really going on as what he sees in front of him cannot be real, a woman he know died as a result of his inaction.  This was an engaging read even with a not entirely sympathetic protagonist.

And Then She was Gone was a free kindle read.   It involved the murder of a young pregnant  woman and a young man about to enlist who gets pulled into the investigation.  It  felt somewhat YA or NA, so perhaps I was not really the target demographic for this.



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