Something Read, Something Dead & Bloody January



Something Read, Something Dead is book 5 in the A Lighthouse Library Mystery series.  In this installment, the focus is on the upcoming nuptials of Josie and Jake.  What starts as a simple, more homespun wedding with friends and family is rapidly spinning out of control with the arrival of a demanding matriarch and her entourage.  When one of the entourage ends up dead and the bride herself is a suspect, Lucy takes it upon herself to investigate and try to save the wedding.  Fun installment in a great cozy series.

Bloody January by Alan Parks is set in Glasgow in January 1973. Harry McCoy walks the line as a cop with connections on both sides of the law, who comes from a dark and traumatic background.  He gets involved in a case that connects some of the wealthy elite to things they’d rather not have exposed.  McCoy is no angel himself, but he works to uncover some truly horrible crimes.  The story runs the gamut from small time thugs, brothels, protection rackets, to organised crime, and up to socially elite villains.  Dark and gritty Scottish noir.


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