Thread on Arrival


I received a free copy of this title from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

Thread on Arrival is book 8 in the Mainely Needlepoint Series.  Trouble begins in the small community when Ike, a local man who lives in a run down garage on his property off the money he makes collecting bottles, is murdered.  Who could have murdered him and why?  Angie pokes her nose in, uncovering clues, looking for motives and for the identity of a young teen who seems to be the only suspect.    I have not read any earlier books in this series and so I was not  tuned in to any ongoing relationships or back-stories of the recurring characters.  I suspect I would have found the story line richer with that knowledge. I did guess the killer and the reason very early on, so I would have liked a little more subterfuge or some other red herrings.  Quick cozy mystery read.

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