Sifting Through Clues, The Hidden Corpse, No Grater Danger, & Awakened


I received a free copy of Sifting Through Clues from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.   This is number 8 in the Cookbook Nook series by Daryl Wood Gerber.  Crystal Cove is hosting a Book Club Bonanza Event and the town is being descended upon by hordes of book tourists.  Jenna Hart has stocked her Cookbook shop to the gills in preparation for the event.  She also is participating in a progressive dinner, house shopping,  and wedding planning, so quite busy.  A dead body in the midst of this hive of activity is the last thing she needs.  When a friend seems to be the most logical suspect, Jenna reluctantly investigates trying to clear her name.

Fun mystery with lots of suspects and clues.  There is a great deal going on in the book to keep the reader entertained and guessing up to the end.  A great read in this series!

The Hidden Corpse is the second book in a the A Food Blogger Mystery Series.  I really enjoyed the first one and picked up the second book right away.  In this book, an elderly neighbor of Hope’s dies in a house fire.  Hope feels guilty as she had seen evidence that the neighbor should not have been living alone.  The fire investigation reveals a second body in the house and this raises all kinds of questions, Was it murder? Was it arson?  Who was this other person?  Why were they there?  What starts as Hope investigating to ease her own mind turns into much more, involving several people from the town.  Well done mystery plot with plenty of clues and suspects for the reader to mull over.  The theme is fun and very timely.  A series I will be continuing to read.

No Grater Danger is book 7 in the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series by Victoria Hamilton.  I have been reading this series for a while and continue to enjoy it.  In this installment, Jaymie is caught up in investigating several criminal acts against an elderly property holding member of the community.  There are plenty of people who might want to do her harm for various reasons and it is up to Jaymie to sort it all out.  The investigation is interspersed with domestic scenes from Jaymie’s home life with her new husband, Jakob,  and step child, Jocie.  There are changes afoot in the town, how will they effect Jaymie, her business and her husband, and his business.  Cozy mystery leaning more towards small town life as the series as progresses.  Fun, quick read.

Awakened was an impulse buy.  I found myself out with no book and needed something to read.   I liked the beginning, with the tension that was built and the pacing, but after the first half, it turned out to be not for me.  I was looking more for a horror stand alone and this is evidently the first in a series and is more about government conspiracy theories.  Probably right for someone, but not me.



One thought on “Sifting Through Clues, The Hidden Corpse, No Grater Danger, & Awakened

  1. Great reviews. I just read no greater danger too.

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