Sorrow Bound & Violet Tendencies

Sorrow Bound is book 3 in the Aector McAvoy series by David Mark.  The Kindle English Mystery Club is reading the first this month, which I had already read, so I continued on with the series.  In this book Aector’s love for his wife and family are his greatest weakness and we are left not really knowing how this will all end.  There are a series of particularly gruesome murders that are connected to a man who is now so disabled he can’t possibly be committing them.  As Aector attempts to unwind the past events and the connections to the current victims, his wife Roisin, stumbles into the middle of a drug ring operation being investigated by compromised officer.  Very suspenseful read, I can’t wait for the next one.  I love the characters of Aector, Roisin, and his super Trish Pharaoh in the series.

Violet Tendencies, the second in the A Rose City Mystery series, is becoming one of my favorite series.  I love the Portland setting (I was born there) and the flower and wine shop theme.  In this installment, Britta and her Aunt Elin are getting ready for their part in the cities Rose Festival by creating a huge float for the parade.  A militant group of protesters are trying to stop the parade and lines are drawn with the police keeping order, until someone ends up dead, right on Britta and Elin’s float.  Plenty of suspects and possible motives to keep you guessing.  I really enjoyed this fun cozy mystery.

One thought on “Sorrow Bound & Violet Tendencies

  1. Tina says:

    Right off that crow caught my eye. Funny how a visual will lead you to pick up a book to examine it! I really want to get back into the groove of reading with the Kindle Mystery club.

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