Mrs. Pargeter’s Public Relations & Black Skies

Mrs. Pargeter’s Public Relations is book 8 in the Mrs. Pargeter series.  This installment sees Mrs Pargeter investigating a charity, looking into a smuggling ring, and meeting Mr. Pargeter’s estranged sister.  This book takes her to Greece and back again.  As always, with the help of her husband’s loyal crew, Mrs. Pargeter puts things to rights and preserves the memory of her beloved husband.  Very enjoyable read in a great series.

Black Skies is book 10 in the Inspector Erlendur series.  As book 9 left off with Erlendur gone from the team on an extended break, it continues in the book.  No one has seen or heard from Erlendur.  This leaves Sigurdur Óli to run cases and investigate a possible blackmailing scheme that leads to murder.  There is also a homeless man looking for Erlendur, who has to settle for Sirgurdur Óli,  to give him information about a pedophile.  In the midst of all this, Sigurdur Óli’s personal life is a mess as it appears his separation will become permanent and he understands some truths about his mother and father. Good book in this series, I really want to know what is happening with Erlendur.

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