The Boy at the Door & Dead Lions

The Boy at the Door by Alex Dahl is a Scandi psychological mystery.  Cecelia ends up taking home a young boy whose parentage is a mystery.  The police and social workers are unable to resolve the situation and Cecelia’s tenuous grip on her sanity begins to slip.  Cecelia has a secret that she has kept from everyone with the exception of her estranged father.  As the mystery surrounding the young boy is connected to a murder, Cecelia grapples with how to reveal her secret.  Compelling mystery with an intriguing twist and  a narrator whose judgement is suspect.

Dead Lions by Mick Herron is the 2nd in the Slough House series.  This is not a series I would usually have picked up as I am not a big reader of spy fiction, other that some le Carre, years ago.  The premise is that Slough House is the last stop for “defective” spies, some have committed very public blunders others have committed more hidden offenses.  In this installment of the series, Jackson Lamb, their leader, has his interest piqued by the death of spy he knew from his days in Berlin.  Jackson Lamb uses the Slough House staff and uncovers connections far beyond one dead spy.  A great read with a wonderful cast of characters!



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