Three Cozies…

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed Claire Donally’s Sunny and Shadow Mystery series until I picked up book 5 series, Catch as Cat Can.  Shadow is a great snarky counterpoint to even keeled Sunny.  There is a great deal of humor in Shadow’s thoughts about the behavior of all the two legs in his life.  This mystery involves witness protection, gangsters, loan sharking, and more in the small fishing village in Maine.  Mike, Sunny’s Dad, is still a recurring presence in Sunny’s life and the series, along with her boss, Ollie, and boyfriend, Will.  A great cozy, particularly for cat lovers!

The Cakes of Wrath is another good installment in this New Orleans based series by Jacklyn Brady.  An antique necklace, an old curse, and a shameful past, all come together to drag Rita Lucero into the middle of a suspicious death.  Putting her self at risk to investigate the connections, Rita finds out more than she expected about her mother-in-law, her co-workers, and the building that houses her business, Zydeco Cakes.  A great installment in this cozy series.

I read the first in the A Love or Money Mystery Series quite a while ago and honestly couldn’t understand what would be done about the theme for a series.  I did really enjoy the first book in this series, however this second one didn’t really work for me.  Instead of a wedding/dating type show, it is one of those survival type reality TV shows.  Perhaps this would work for fans of those type of shows.


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