Close to Home: A Novel


This is one of the reads this month at the Kindle English Mystery Club.  Cara Hunter is a “new to me” author and I am really happy that I was introduced to her.  My library actually had the book so I ordered it to be ready for the June reading.  The story concerns a missing child from an upper middle class family.  The child, Daisy, is beautiful and precocious, with a habit of eavesdropping and an old beyond her years understanding that knowledge is power.

The DI in charge of the investigation is troubled by investigating a case concerning a child, so soon after he suffered a trauma of his own.  Eventually, his and his team’s investigation uncovers layer upon layer of lies and secrets, until they “catch their man” .  Twists and turns and red herrings are cleverly laid throughout this novel.  DI Fawley and his team are intelligent and very human investigators dealing with a difficult case.  The family’s secrets are finally all laid bare exposing how even middle class suburbia can be a haven for darkness.

I  really, really, liked this book.  I made the mistake of starting it as I lay in bed and finally I had to put it down because I was nodding off.  I was fortunate the next day was Saturday, so I took it with me on the grocery run and stopped off at Starbucks, sat down with my coffee and didn’t leave until I finished it.   Great mystery, great characters, I look forward to reading more by this author.

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