Scared to Death & The Darkness and the Deep


Two reads from my Kindle Library.  Scared to Death is this month’s selection at the English Kindle Mystery Club on Goodreads.

Kay Hunter is a detective operating under the cloud of a recent investigation in to her professional conduct.  Called to the scene of a kidnapping that ended in murder,  a death in a horrifying manner.  Spurred on by the scene and the questions it rises, the surviving mother of the victim, and tips sent in by the public, Kay searches for the killer(s) before there is another murder.  Very good mystery/police procedural read.  I just wish that the overarching reason behind the murder would have been explored a little more.  It was exposed but not deeply.  Recommended reading.

The Darkness & the Deep is the second in the DI Margery Fleming series.  Margery is really appealing and engaging detective character.  She is more than a DI, she has a family life, she is a member of her community, even when the community doesn’t like what she is doing.  The mystery here surrounds deaths of a lifeboat rescue crew and the indications that they weren’t the result of human error or accident.  As Margery delves into the case, the reader will have lots of suspects, motives and red herrings to sort through.  I really enjoyed this one in the series and will continue to read more.


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