Latest Reads in No Particular Order…


I really wanted to read Death at Whitewater Church and tracked down a copy at Thriftbook to be able to read it.  The protagonist/sleuth is solicitor Benedicta “Ben” O’Keeffe, who has a big tom cat Guinness, but I don’t want to give the impression this is a cozy because  it is more of a soft-boiled mystery.  The Whitewater Church is a deconsecrated church, which is up for sale and Ben gets involved through representing the sellers.  A rather routine inspection turns out not to be so routine when a body, more a skeleton, is discovered.  The mystery revolves around a local family who had a son go missing years before and another son who can’t seem to cope with the aftermath.  Ben deals with the mystery and with personal issues involving her parents and a local Sergeant on the force.  I really enjoyed this one for the characters, the setting and the mystery.  I plan on reading more in the series.

One Good Turn is the second in the Jackson Brodie series.  A really well written book and a solid follow up to Case Histories.  I like Jackson Brodie as the sleuth and his interactions with all the  characters that he meets.  The mystery here involves a mixture of  hired killers, sex workers, adultery, a mystery writer, and corporate fraud.  Very entertaining mystery, my only issue is that I read it right after watching the TV episode and I knew everything that was going to happen which somewhat spoiled it for me.  So, I’d suggest reading if first if you are going to watch the TV series.

Crowner and Justice involves another solicitor, one who specializes in litigation, such as crime, matrimonial cases and accident claims, Chris Tyroll.  He gets involved with a woman who is not satisfied with the verdict of suicide in  her son’s death.  She asks Chris to investigate.  The case leads him to uncover suspicious circumstances and then connections as another body is found.  He is also working other cases which are given about equal weight in the book as the central mystery.  An interesting and very real feeling look at a litigator’s work.  I liked this one, but would recommend that reader’s start with the first in the series (I read this out-of-order).

Still Waters, I received for free from Amazon’s World Book Day special.  I had already read one in this series and liked it, Guiltless, which is number 3.  I liked this one even more than Guiltless.  There is not terribly much in the way of investigation, but the story unfolds nicely and the setting, Sandhamn Island, is very well done.  Nora is a recurring character and  a well-developed protagonist dealing not only with the murder investigation, but with difficult career choices, and an arrogant jerk of a husband.  I would recommend this one.

The Murder at Sissingham Hall is a historical mystery modeled very much on the Agatha Christie style –  isolated manor house so the murderer has to be one of the household or guests.  There is an interesting twist in what was going on as a resolution, but I’d guessed much of what occurred, the clues where a little heavy-handed.  An okay read for fans of historical mysteries.

Send in the Clowns is a book which I have had on my Kindle for quite a while and never really felt  in the mood to tackle.  This is set in the 70s, a time period I lived through, and that holds a certain appeal to me.  It is part of the Country Club series of mysteries.  This is a lighter humorous mystery with quirky characters and a very specific setting in time and place.  Ellison Russell exemplifies that rarefied country club existence, yet manages to be likeable, friendly and even down to earth.  The mystery is well done with enough suspects to choose from to keep the reader guessing.  Enjoyable lighter mystery read.


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