The Marriage Pact

515njdvzn5l-_sx327_bo1204203200_  One of the last reads of my summer vacation, The Marriage Pact, is everything you need you need in summer reading, in turns gripping, prurient, scary, culty, lifetime movie-ish, although some of those may sound negative, I don’t mean them to be.  I found it absorbing and entertaining reading.

An up and coming couple, Alice, a lawyer, and Jake, a psychologist (the irony of which will not be lost on you), are recently married and determined to be one of those couples. We are talking about the couples who celebrate their 50th or 60th anniversary and miss the divorce bullet.  Alice meets a client who offers her a way to ensure that happens.  It is called The Pact.  As Alice and Jake meet their new Friends, that is Friends with a capital F, they realize the pact is not just a lovely new social club and they may be in over their heads.  Fast read to close the summer out.

2 thoughts on “The Marriage Pact

  1. Good post. I enjoyed it too!

  2. Tina says:

    I could use a book like this. Adding it today!

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