Monday’s Lie by Jamie Mason

22609607I saw this as a recommendation on Goodreads and picked it up from my local library.  The concept is really good.  Plucky is the grown woman whose mother was a covert operative.  Growing up her mother taught Plucky and her brother Simon skills in the form of “games” they played as  a family until they became second nature.  Plucky wants nothing to do with the life she had growing up and is determined to have a “normal life” and thinks she has found it with her husband.

The issue is I had with the book is the meandering path the story takes.  It ventures back and forth randomly from past to present almost in a stream of consciousness style.  It repeats many of the same points.  It really feels like there was really only about 100 pages worth of story that was repeated and filled in with excessive wordiness to make it to 280 pages.

I liked the idea for this novel, however the execution didn’t work for me.


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