The Santa Klaus Murder

25571847  I’ve been on a bit of  a reading slump, mainly due to an ongoing battle with migraine headaches.  I seem to be getting a bit of a handle on  them now with some new medication so, fingers crossed :).  Anyway, this is the first read of 2017.  It was part of one of my Xmas presents, a set of 23 British Library Crime Classics gifted to me from my daughter.  The Santa Klaus Murder was  one of the Christmassy themed ones so I picked it to read first.  I’ve read one other mystery by Mavis Doriel May in this Crime Classic series.

This is a classic manor house mystery with an extended family and the staff brought together, an unexpected death, a plethora of suspects,  and of course the question of  an inheritance of substantial assets as part of the storyline.  What does the will say?  Is it the real will?  Is it what the victim intended?  Who knew about the contents of the will?  How was Santa Klaus involved?

The chapters have varying points of view but the narrators are clearly laid out in the chapter headings so there is no confusion regarding who is speaking at any given time (I really liked that).  The ending of the book  has a postscript which very neatly lays out why the culprit obviously had to be the guilty party and all the clues leading to his or her feet.

I enjoyed this book much more than the first book I read by Mavis Doriel May and now I look forward to reading more by her.




One thought on “The Santa Klaus Murder

  1. Tina says:

    Sounds like the game Clue with an exceptional narrative. What a great gift your daughter gave you. I’d love a set of mystery books like that.

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