White Colander Crime by Victoria Hamilton

24611568 The second book of today’s readathon, White Colander Crime by Victoria Hamilton is book 5 in the A Vintage Kitchen Mystery series.  This book in the series is set at Christmas time, so there is a holiday theme to it.  The secondary storyline involves Jakob and Jaymie’s romance that develops nicely building on the previous book.  The murder plot begins when Jaymie stumbles upon the body and her boss’s son is accused.  Attempting to clear his name leads to exposing other crimes putting Jaymie and Valetta in danger.  There was a lot going on in White Colander Crime,  between the holiday theme, the romance and the intertwined crimes. so the focus was not on the Vintage Kitchen theme as much as it had been in earlier books.   Definitely a bit darker than the earlier books in the series as well.  A well done mystery that shows growth and development that should occur with a series over time.

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