An Early Wake by Sheila Connolly

226687731 This is the third in the County Cork Mystery series by Sheila Connolly.  In this series, Maura is a novice pub owner and an American ex-pat, who inherited a pub in Ireland.  This series does a great job at immersing the reader in the setting, developing a great sense of place.  The mystery  in this book revolves around Irish music and musicians and the importance of it in Irish culture.  The recurring characters of Bridget, Billy, Mick, Rose, and Sean are all here again and are becoming more fully developed as the series progresses.  There is the start of romantic developments in this book as well as the murder mystery and the Irish music storyline.  The storylines work well together and make this a very satisfying read.  This is truly  a series that gets better and better!

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