A High End Finish & Tailing a Tabby

  Finished these two yesterday while home sick.

I love the theme behind Tailing a Tabby, a crime solving book mobile ibrarian.  In this book, Minnie rescues a famous local artist who is having a stroke and earns the gratitude and friendship of the man and his wife.  Later when the artist is accused of murder, Minne gets involved to help him clear his name  The bookmobile profession is perfect for sleuthing because Minnie has a good excuse for traveling all over and talking to all kinds of people. Minnie’s sidekick is Eddie the cat, who she talks to as though he is human.  There is also side plots that involve a matchmaking aunt and a pain in the behind boss who wants Minnie to get rid of a patron he doesn’t like.  The mystery wraps up quickly in a dramatic scene at the end.  Hints of perhaps a love triangle in future books.  Fun read, especially for readers who like cats as significant characters.

A High End Finish is A Fixer-Upper Mystery with home renovations of Victorians mainly being the theme.  I was a little hesitant to try this because I’ve tried another home renovation/do it yourself series and couldn’t really get into it.  The main character here is a daughter who has worked in her father’s construction business all her life and has now taken it over as he has retired.  The storyline involves various members of the community being murdered with Shannon’s trademark pink tools, that and attempts on Shannon’s life lead to a lots of theories, from the police and townspeople, about what is happening.  Ample red herrings here, although my gut instinct proved right in the end.  The mystery has a dramatic conclusion with Shannon mostly saving herself.  There is a romance angle here that is unresolved in the end and appears to be heading towards a love triangle in future books in the series.  Independent female lead character with some some interesting contradicitons and a full cast of supporting characters lending color and interest to the story.

One thought on “A High End Finish & Tailing a Tabby

  1. Geraldine says:

    I’m going to check the first one out! Sounds like my kind of story too. 🙂

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