Cover of Snow by Jenny Milchman

I picked this up in Barnes and Noble today while waiting for my daughter to shop.  It was on my to be read list so it caught my eye.  The premise is Nora wakes up one morning in her quaint farmhouse, in a quaint little north east US village, to discover her husband has committed suicide while she slept.  Nora becomes obsessed with why?  why did he do it? why on that particular day? what happened on the day it becomes obvious he planned it?  Her husband’s family and indeed the whole town seems pretty determined that she should just drop it and get on with ther life.  That determination turns from gentle persuasion to outright threatening.

This is a well written thriller with a character who exhibits inner strength, probably more than she thought she had.  The  main theme of this book is secrets, secrets and the damage they do.  Secrets that harm and kill.  An underlying theme could be summed up as “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Even though the “bad guys” are pretty obvious the motivations and exactly who is on what side is not discovered until the end.  Recommended for fans of women’s fiction and thrillers.