The Big Kitty by Claire Donally

I have had this book hanging around for quite a while and to be truthful, I don’t even remember where I picked it up.  It is not my normal type cozy, being told in part from the perspective of Shadow, the big grey cat pictured on the front of the book.

I am really glad that I finally read this, it was very well done, not overly cutesy or full of anthropomorphic animals.  The reader knows Shadow’s thoughts, but they are really from a cat’s perspective, not a cat with human emotions or perceptions.  I did enjoy it greatly.  The human characters of Sunny, Will and Mike in particular are well crafted.  Sunny is a character, who after leaving home and starting a career has returned to care for a parent, which is  a situation that many can relate to I am sure.   There are current elements involved in the story line, the victim’s son is a meth addict and this is integrated in the story line.  This gives the cozy a more modern feel than many cozies.

The mystery was fun and had quite a few twists and turns, including several attempts on the sleuth, Sunny’s, life.  Lots of  crime elements are included in the plot, murder, arson, attempted murder, fraud, drug production and use, and conspiracy, which makes for a a rich story line.  This is a very good cozy mystery series and I look forward to reading more of it!