Witch Hunt by Shirley Damsgaard

This is the 4th book in the Ophelia and Abby Mystery series.  I am not a big reader of paranormal cozies, but I really enjoy this series.  Mainly due to the character of Ophelia, I like her a great deal.  She has shown tremendous growth over the span of the four books so far in the series.  In the beginning, she was very untrusting and closed off from everyone around her.  Over the course of time she has opened up to more people and relaxed her rigid outlook somewhat, fostered a child, and has come into more of an accord with her powers.

This story involves a 1%er motorcycle club that has moved into town and is causing all kinds of chaos.  Darcy’s cousin who comes to town to visit is implicated in a murder and Ophelia gets dragged into the investigation.  The mystery is interesting, however I figured one of the main things pretty early on and then I just spent time waiting for the mystery to be solved.  The resolution was interesting and watching Ophelia work through the clues was fun.  Tink is becoming more of a substantial character and the relationship between her, Ophelia and Abby is fun to read about.

There are only 7 books in this series and I have been told the 7th is the best so I am looking forward to completing the series.  Highly recommended paranormal cozy series!