Ankle Injury :)


My lovely purple cast (which for some unaccountable reason looks blue in the pictures) is all in aid of getting my ligaments to knit back together…hmmm.

So, anyway rolled my ankle about 3 weeks ago taking out the trash and I do mean rolled, as in leg and foot made a 90 degree angle on the ground.  Used an old Ace bandage and limped around because it was a really bad time to be out of work.  Then, about  a week ago, just as it was feeling slightly better, I stepped on a piece of uneven sidewalk and rolled it again.  Got through the week at work and then went to Foot and Ankle doctor and ended up with my purple cast.

Next week, we hope to cut it off and move on to a boot instead. All this has led to a stoppage in running and working out in general.  Anyway, at least it happened now so that hopefully by the middle of May I can start running again 🙂










4 thoughts on “Ankle Injury :)

  1. joyweesemoll says:

    Ouch! Did you see Satia is having ankle problems this week, too? But she’s avoided a cast! I wrote about my former ankle problems as a comment on her post.

    I have a purple couch and every photo I take of it comes out blue. Very disappointing because, you know, if you own a purple couch, it’s a big personal statement.

  2. Oh dear, that’s a bit of bad luck and timing. Hope you are on the medn soon.

  3. Mend……that’s what I meant 🙂

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