A Love to Die For by Christine T. Jorgensen

 Picked up this cozy mystery, first published back in 1997.  It was interesting to me that there were so few reviews for it on Goodreads, only 18.  Seems to be a series that has been passed over.  There are five books total in the series.

This first book sets up the premise for the rest of the series.  Jane Smith is an accountant, who appears to have some sort of midlife crisis. She quits her steady, stable career, dumps her boyfriend and gets a job as a newspaper horoscope/advice columnist, reinventing herself as Stella the Stargazer.  There is a paranormal element here, she has some psychic type abilities that she puts to use in her advice giving and… in a murder investigation.

The murder plot was well done with adequate characters and red herrings to make it difficult to solve.  Stella/Jane is an interesting sleuth.  She has enough fear and caution to balance her curiousness to make her character more real.  You definitely get a sense of her human frailty.  Her main sidekick is her pet Fluffy, a little chameleon, maybe a metaphor for her change?? There are humorous quips, literary references,  romantic episodes and paranormal elements all included in this book.  I quite enjoyed it and will look for another in the series to read.

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