I’m ONLY Reading…

I can so relate to this!

Cheap Thrills


Many people seem to view it as a synonym for “doing nothing.” Or “waiting for something more interesting to occupy my time.” And so they think nothing of interrupting… it’s happened to all of us at one time or another. Sometimes it’s out in public, sometimes it’s in our own homes. It’s always irritating.

Jaime ranted about this problem here. Kelly ranted about it here. I’m sure other bloggers have ranted about it as well, but those are the two posts that caught my attention recently, and now it’s my turn.

(Only I won’t be using gifs.)

To be fair, my husband doesn’t do this nearly as much as he used to. Also in his defense, I read a lot, so if he has something he legitimately needs to talk to me about (as opposed to, “hey look, a funny picture on the internet…”) I don’t mind…

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