Death Under the Dryer by Simon Brett

This is book 8 in the Fethering series by Simon Brett featuring the sleuths Carole Seddon and her neighbor Jude.  Although this is not my favorite in the series, it is still a charming fun mystery.  Simon Brett’s depiction of seaside town and its inhabitants is vivid and makes it easy for the reader to submerge  themselves in the story.  The mainstay of this series is the relationship between Carole and Jude, complements of each other, one fills in what the other lacks.  It is  a true duo sleuth team, rather than a leader and the sidekick.  Although we do know more about Carole, Jude is no mere ancillary character.  The fact we don’t know everything about Jude is intention and indeed is a often a source of frustration for Carole.  I love the fact that neither character is a stereotype, it makes them so much more interesting and real.

Brett’s wry humor is abundant as he pokes fun, all the while leading readers through a set of twists and turns to reach the conclusion.  If you like British village cozy mysteries, with a light touch of satire, and minimal romance, this is a great series to try.  I would suggest that you read the books in order as the relationships between Carole, Jude and others develops over time.  Besides, the first in the series, The Body on the Beach is one of  my favorites.