Dusted to Death by Barbara Colley


Cozy mystery time again!  I have read the rest of this series about Charlotte LaRue, cleaning lady sleuth, and enjoyed them all.  The mystery in this book is not my favorite of the series, but it is still a fun read. There is more of a romance element in this book for Charlotte and it is done very well with a light touch that didn’t overwhelm the mystery.  Charlotte is a very realistic, likable character.  She is spunky and independent enough to be someone you cheer for, but she is intelligent enough that she doesn’t deliberately endanger herself or others.  For example, when a mysterious vehicle is following her, she heads straight for the police station, unlike some sleuths who go home or to a friend’s house instead.

Fun light cozy.  This could be read as a stand alone, if you wanted, but I think some of the ongoing relationships are more enjoyable if you have read other books in the series.

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