Question for Audio Book People

I have never been an audio book fan, basically I am a fast reader and so I prefer to read my books, but now I am planning for my annual 22 hour (one way) pilgrimage to drop my daughter off at college and I am thinking maybe audio books would be the way to go.   So questions for experienced audio book people:

  • I drive 22 hours straight down, only stopping for coffee, gas and calls of nature.  Would it be better to listen to one long book or several shorter books?
  •  Have you ever tried this and does the narration put you to sleep (can’t have that)?
  •  Are there narrators that you would recommend? IOW, are some too monotone to listen to like that?
  • I have 22 hours down, then we are doing several shorter jaunts 4 to 5 hours to see other colleges for my younger daughter and probably about 22 hours home.  So, how does the work…would you download all the books at once?  If I try this with my phone (android) and then listen to them that way would it be eating through my data plan or once it is on the phone does that not matter?  (I know I sound like an idiot…I just really don’t know)  Alternatively I have a Kindle, I don’t know if that would be better???
  • Is the best service to use?  My library also has some books on cd. I just would have to call the car rental company to be sure the van has a cd player.  Is that the better option?
  • Any suggestions/helpful advice/recommendations?  I will say that if I go for one longer listen, I was thinking Gormenghast.  I’m just worried that it could get monotonous listening to the same story.  If I go shorter, I am thinking some cozy mystery series.

Thanks for any input or advice!

6 thoughts on “Question for Audio Book People

  1. Laurie C says:

    Once it’s downloaded to the phone, playing it doesn’t use the data plan, I don’t think, but it does draw on your battery. Also you’d need to be able to connect to an MP3 player to listen on the car stereo? Are you traveling alone or with your other daughter? If alone, I’d go for one long book that I’m sure I’m going to like, but always bring a back-up in case of a scratched CD or messed-up download, etc. If with someone else, I go for short stories or novellas, because conversation breaks are easier with those. I don’t subscribe to Audible, so no advice there, but if your public library subscribes to Overdrive, you can download the app and borrow e-audiobooks from the library that way!

    • fanficfan44 says:

      Thanks – i already have the cable to connect to the car stereo because I use it with my little Ipod nano in my car. I think the library option might be a good way to go. I think you are right about the conversations. I will have my mom and both kids in the car. My kids usually sleep almost the whole way or listen to their IPODs, play with their DSs or whatever.

  2. I would go for something shorter and lighter if you’re traveling with someone. If it’s just you, and you haven’t already read Middlesex, it is AMAZING on audio. Also, Simon Vance is a terrific narrator, and he narrates the whole Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy.

  3. Lexxie says:

    I haven’t read many audiobooks yet, but when I did, I actually fell asleep :O I was on the plane, though, so I didn’t need to concentrate on anything, and I was tired when I boarded. But I fell asleep pretty fast, and I slept soundly for a long time, as the narrator’s soothing voice blocked out all other noise…

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