The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty


I have read and enjoyed other books by Liane Moriarty.  This one was good, but not as good as the others.  The premise is a woman, Sophie, inheriting a house from a family member of her ex-fiance.  The family lives on a small island and so Sophie becomes embroiled in this complicated and somewhat secretive group of people.  The characters are well developed and I especially was drawn into the Grace/Callum/Jake story line.

The plot deals with secrets in families, the work of maintaining a marriage, postpartum depression, same sex relationships, and how we define a family.  The focus is on Sophie as the main character but I really didn’t find her the most interesting.  I felt as though she was a catalyst for events that occur but her own personal story was not as engaging as some of the others.  I would have loved to delve more into Laura and Grace’s dynamic.

Overall, this was  a good read, just not her best offering.

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