Showcase Sunday



Visited my new favorite bookshop on Saturday:  Booktrader  of Hamilton.

Picked up the following:

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Pretty good haul of cozies.  I just have to go through the Mrs. Malory series to see the order of the books.  I already read the MC Beaton book but one of my book clubs is reading it for June so I will reread.    Happy reading everyone!

“Winter is Coming”

“Winter is nature’s way of saying, “Up yours.”
― Robert Byrne

or as my grandmother used to say, “It’s cold as a witch’s tit.”  What is up with this?   Helloooo,  Mother Nature,  it is May,  May 25th, you know barbecue, open the pool, all that good stuff?  Definitely not – huddle in my recliner with a comforter and a bottle of wine, (today it is Jersey Red for those of you are interested) time.

Good points though:

  •  Mowed the lawn without breaking a sweat, wearing a sweatshirt at that.
  • Went to Booktrader of Hamilton and found several of my TBR books.
  • Three day weekend.
  • There is wine.

So, with that in mind, guess I’ll be reading and drinking this evening.

Keep warm everyone, just remember “Winter   Summer is Coming.”


Library Loot


After walking tonight with my group, I ran over to the library and picked up a few things to tide me over for the upcoming holiday weekend.   I picked up MidwinterBlood and White Crow both by Marcus Sedgwick because several bloggers seem to like his work.  It is a different genre for me, I usually steer clear of YA novels, just not my cup of tea, but there was enough good written about these that I thought I’d give them a go.

I also grabbed some cozies. but it always seems that my library never has book one in a cozy series…sigh.  This does give me an excuse to visit Booktrader of Hamilton this weekend though.

Off now to finish up Iced Chiffon.  I’m about two thirds done and really liking it. Looking forward to book two in this series already.  I’m supposed to be reading Turn Right at Machu Picchu but can’t seem to get going on it.


Independent Book Stores

Just a quick post to push forward a small second hand and new bookshop I found and visited yesterday: Booktrader of Hamilton. I

Anyway, I had gone to their shop years ago when they were in a different location and I lived closer. I assumed that it had gone the way of many of our other independents and closed its doors, but it hadn’t. It had just moved. They had a great selection of books and several that are on my to-be-read list and on top of that, they gave very good credit for books I turned in. Yay! I will definitely be returning with a list in hand.

Now, I just need to get rid of this cold. It is making my head hurt so bad I can’t read for any extended period of time :(, very sad, so very sad. My pile of books is sitting next to me all lonely and neglected.