Under Your Skin by Sabine Durrant

Thanks to the blizzard that wasn’t, I read this today: 

The protagonist, Gaby Mortimer, is a married TV presenter with a very privileged life style, house cleaner, nanny, expensive house, and hedgefund manager husband.  On her morning run she falls over a body of a young woman and that begins the mystery, who is she, what is her connection to Gaby (or from Gaby’s perspective “to Gaby’s house”).  At some point the police investigation starts to focus on Gaby and she begins to investigate to save her life, her marriage and her career.  Through the investigation, Gaby meets Jack, a journalist, who helps push both  the story line and the investigation forward.  Gaby and Jack follow the trail of the dead young woman looking for connections.

I liked most of this book, even though I found a couple things odd.  Gaby’s relationship with her new nanny for one, how can you live with someone and not really know them at all? ehhh.  The plot was well paced and well thought out until the end.  I really found the ending a little off putting. I would have bought into it more if the book was written in third person or told as flash backs rather than in the present tense.   I can’t say anything more without writing a spoiler.