December Reading…

The Santa Klaus Murder is actually a reread. I forgot I had read it until I got started and just decided to finish. A manor house murder mystery set at Christmas time complete with a Santa running around. A enjoyable holiday mystery.

The Christmas Invitation was a fun holiday women’s fiction read. A beautiful home in a bucolic setting, complete with snow and holiday decorations. A misunderstandings from the past intruding on the present. A big boisterous family with lovely traditions and a lonely portrait artist recovering from illness, all make for a completely lovely Christmas read.

Sweet Water feels like a very timely novel with the discussion of privilege and the lives the uber wealthy lead. In this mystery, Sarah, is the wrong side of the tracks girl who marries Martin, a man far above her station. She seems to have spent the marriage enjoying the perks but not really understanding what they mean or where they are coming from, perhaps preferring to stick her head in the sand. Her son becomes involved in horrible crime and Sarah must decide who she is, who she wants her son to be, and what price she is willing to pay. Overall, a good read, I did think the reason behind the crime was pretty obvious early on but I still enjoyed the book.

Frozen Minds is book 2 in the DI Winter Meadows series. The case here involves a murder in which the body is discovered in the freezer of a care home for adults with disabilities. As the detectives work on the case, the reader meets several of the residents and the care home workers. There is quite an obvious red herring thrown out early on and the murder is not the only crime occurring. This was an okay read. I actually went back and checked the publication date because it really came across somehow as dated feeling, but it was published in 2016. Not sure that I’d read more in this series.

Murder in the Manor is a cozy mystery set in England with an American protagonist. Lacey Doyle is reeling from her recent divorce and decides to return to the last place she had memories of her father. The small town initially starts off as a vacation destination, but Lacey decides to use her contacts and set up an antique shop in an empty store front. One of the first people who approaches her to do a valuation lives in the elegant manor house outside the village. Unfortunately when Lacey arrives, she not only finds antiques but also a dead body. As a newcomer and the person who found the body, fingers point her way rather quickly and she sets out to investigate to clear her name. Cute cozy mystery read, you just need to suspend your belief a bit at the seemingly bottomless well of money Lacey has to fund her entire expedition.

Ring Around the Rosie is a mystery with a bit of supernatural bent to it. The Rosie of the title is our protagonist’s long dead sister, Rosie, who was murdered and no one was ever caught. Rosie appears at will to chat with Olivia. A second body appears with seeming connections to Rosie’s murder and Olivia starts trying to look into the past with the help of her friend Nate. Good psychological thriller read.

One thought on “December Reading…

  1. I like the cover of the Christmas Invitation and the sound of Frozen Mill.

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