Back from a Hiatus…


Work has been crazy and I have not been reading as much as I would like, but it has been a while since I posted and these are the books that I remember reading since my last post.   Of these my hands down favorite was Bred in the Bone, book 3 in the Jasmine Sharp and Catherine McLeod series.  I am really enjoying this series and will definitely continue with it.

Whispers of the the Dead was interesting and certainly a well plotted out mystery but the forensic detail and focus on some of the more gruesome details of decomposition was a little much for me.  Be prepared for much graphic detail and insect life.

The only one of these that I would NOT recommend anyone spending time on was I Choose You.  Plot holes, misuse of medical diagnosis terms, lots and lots of characters with dropped story lines, etc.   Just not well thought out and constructed.

The others were all perfectly fine mysteries with the Dagleish books leaning towards the police procedural side while The Fat Detective is more PI soft boiled crime.  I enjoyed all of these.




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