Death in Profile & London Rules


Death in Profile had some interesting characters and the crime itself was engaging, but the gaps in the police knowledge were unbelievable.  On top of that, the whole Lord Peter Whimsy story line as a “treatment” for mental illness outlandish and more than a little off putting.

London Rules is the 5th book in the Slough House series by Mick Herron.  In this outing, someone is trying to kill Roderick Ho of Slough House, not that he notices.  The other Slow Horses and their fearless leader, Jackson Lamb, do though.  As the Slow Horses circle the wagons to protect Ho, a connection is made to terrorist activities occurring in the country and this draws unwanted Regent Park attention to the Slow Horses.  This was a great read is an excellent series, perhaps my favorite so far.  Jackson Lamb is in particularly fine form here.  Highly recommended, but you need to start the series from the beginning to really appreciate it.

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