Death of a Chocolate Lab, Amanda Cadabra & the Hidey-Hole Truth, The 7-1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, and Blood Sisters



Super busy time of year for me, the end of the school year and all that so the last few days I fit in some reading but haven’t really reviewed.  So some short, reviews…

Death by Chocolate Lab is the first in a pet sitter cozy mystery series featuring sisters, one of whom is launching a pet sitting service and the other is a successful vet.  There are some charming animal characters, hint of perhaps a romantic interest, some family tension to further future subplots, and people from the town to serve as recurring characters.  Well written, an intriguing mystery with a lead character who serves to represent the many over educated- under employed of her generation.  I enjoyed this and will read more in the series.

Amanda Cadabra & the Hidey-hole Truth came highly recommended to me by several IRL friends, however they are all big Harry Potter fans and that is just not my thing.  I can completely see why Harry Potter fans would love this and would recommend it for them.

Mine is actually titled The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle .  Parts of this were well written and very engaging, I was pulled in at the start and  enjoyed reading it.  The entire world of Blackheath was well designed and immersive.  Then, when you get close to the end and the truths about Blackheath, Anna, and Aiden are revealed it just didn’t work at all for me.

Blood Sisters is a study of relationships built on guilt, lies, love, and secrets.  Alison, Kitty and Vanessa left for school one day and only one of them, Alison, went on to live a somewhat normal life.  Kitty was institutionalized and Vanessa died.  The book wends its way through the lies told or memories forgotten by Alison, Kitty, Crispin, Alison’s mother and others and the impact they have on final tragic events.  A good psychological read.

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