Clause & Effect and Crime & Punctuation



I received a free digital copy of Clause & Effect from NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.

Clause & Effect is book 2 in the A Deadly Edits Mystery Series.  Mikki Lincoln is running a book editing service from her recently purchased home to supplement her retirement income and pay for the upkeep and repairs needed on the new house.  The house is somewhat of a homecoming for her as it is the house she spent her first 17 years in and by buying it and moving back she has managed to reconnect with some high school friends and enemies.    This installment opens with her being pulled into first an edit, then basically a rewrite of a play for the town’s historical society, little does Mikki know that opening up the play written by a missing playwright is going to involve her in another murder.   Interesting small town mystery plot with connections to an older crime, a fun read.  I enjoyed meeting Mikki and the friends she collected around her enough that I picked up the first in the series to read as well.

Crime & Punctuation is the first in the series.  I read this out of order so I already met some of the characters and was able to eliminate them as suspects right away, however I  still enjoyed the read and getting the background on Mikki and her introduction to the town.  In the first in this series, Mikki is trying to get her editing business off the ground and is happy to sign a local client, happy that is until the client ends up dead with Mikki’s business card on her person.  This leads to a murder investigation and finds Mikki tangling with some unsavory characters as she tries to find out what happened to her client.  The current murder has connections to old time gangster murders and there seems to be quite a few possible suspects at large.  Quick cozy read with a fun grammar theme.

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