Real Tigers & I am Watching You

Real Tigers is book 3 in the Slough House series.  In this series, River, Jackson Lamb and crew find themselves caught up in a “test” of information security and systems that goes terribly awry.  As one of their own is kidnapped and political intrigues abound, they have to try to save Slough House and their lives from a clean up operation.  Fun, action packed spy thriller with lots of pithy dialog and an intriguing story line.

I am Watching You is a psychological thriller involving the disappearance and murder of a young woman on a trip with a friend to London.  A woman who witnessed her on the train steps forward to help the police and finds herself vilified in the aftermath.  Now she is receiving threatening letters and finds herself being drawn back into the investigation of the crime.  The point of view changes frequently as does the timeline throughout the novel.  The main motif of the novel is the long-lasting impact one’s actions or inactions can have, far beyond what could be predicted.  An okay thriller read.

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