Corpse on the Court & Death of an Honest Man


The Corpse on the Court is number 14 in the Fethering series by Simon Brett.  This mystery series is also known for its incisive social commentary and is always fun to read.  In this installment Jude and Carole are having somewhat of a separation, as Jude enters a new romance and Carole is left behind in Fethering.  Still they manage to come together to solve a mystery or two.  The main case involves Real Tennis (Court Tennis) and a death involving a group of people who have all known each other for many years and whose lives seemingly revolve around this “sport of kings”.  A well written fun mystery with two great sleuth characters in Jude and Carole.

Death of an Honest Man is the latest in the Hamish MacBeth series by M.C. Beaton.  An unlikable incomer is killed and Hamish has no shortage of suspects to contend with.  At the same time he deals with Charlie wanting to leave the police, Blair going more than a bit mad, a disappointing love life and perhaps the return of Sonsie.  A fast paced outing in the series with quite a bit going on and some superstitious magic thrown in for good measure.  Fun fast read.


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