The Last Few Reads…

Perfect Remains is this month’s read over that Kindle English Mystery Club on Goodreads.  Very good mystery/thriller/police procedural with an engaging detective found in DI Callanach, a French-Scottish Detective.  He is fresh from Interpol, now in Scotland leaving his old life in France behind due to a scandal.  Women’s bodies are found, but are they who they seem to be?  That is the driving plot point here.  I did enjoy this even though it made me cringe at points as the killer/kidnapper commits his crimes.

I am liking Ian Rankin’s books in the Inspector Rebus series.  I remember trying to watch the show years ago and not getting into it but the books are marvelous.  In this installment, the second in the series, Hide and Seek, we have shades of witchcraft, drugs, murder and suicide all intertwined in an engaging mystery plot.

The indomitable Agatha Raisin is back again in Something Borrowed, Someone Dead.  Here a rather unpleasant villager finds herself dead and Agatha and crew are called to investigate.  The ending here was a surprise to me.  This was not my favorite in the series but still a fun read and I will definitely read more. At this point I am more invested in the characters than the mysteries.  Agatha Raisin season 2 will soon be out on Acorn, I can’t wait!

Necessary as Blood is an installment in the Duncan Kincaid series by Deborah Crombie.  This is number 13 and having read all the previous books, Duncan and Gemma are old friends now.  This particular book is more Gemma focused, as she seeks to unravel the deaths of two parents of a young girl, both dying under suspicious circumstances.  Gemma reconnects with old friends and uncovers other crimes in the course of her investigation.

Sinister Summer is pretty much a cozy mystery.  An older woman is murdered and her niece returns home to settle the estate.  The murdered woman had an estate worth quite a bit and mysterious things are happening all around Diana as she tries to come to grips with the loss of her aunt.  Ghosts, tarot cards, and a hunky neighbor make up the bulk of the story here.  The killer was pretty obvious to me early on.  An interesting start to a series.


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