The One & Murder She Wrote: Manhattans & Murder


The One is a very timely novel considering the popularity of dating apps, online dating and online gene mapping companies.  The premise is that a tech company has found the gene that matches you with your “one”, your “soul mate”.  Along with the positives – allowing millions who choose to make use of the service to find and meet their perfect match, there are of course negatives, broken marriages, engagements, people matched to criminals or other undesirable.  The novel follows the stories of several couples who receive their notifications about their matches, including one who is a serial killer and others who may not be what they seem.  The book alternates along their journeys to discover what is really happening, how the matches are occurring and who people really are.  Fun read and I liked the fact that although it has a techie premise it does not really spend any time on the technical aspects, it is focused on the human interactions and reactions.

Murder She Wrote:  Manhattans & Murder is a book based on the popular TV series Murder She Wrote.  I only occasionally watched the show and had never really read the books, however a few years ago I had the good fortune to meet Donald Bain and his wife Renee Paley-Bain at a conference.  I found that both to be fantastic speakers and just lovely people and have made an effort to pick up books in this series and others by them since that time.

In this book, Jessica is in New York for Christmas promoting her new book, when she runs across a former Cabot Cove resident, who is supposed to be under witness protection.  She then witnesses a murder and Jessica being Jessica is not going to just let that go.  She follows the clues around the city,  to musician’s studios, jazz clubs and the famous Dakota and  then back to Cabot Cove, uncovering corruption and cover ups in her wake.   Delightful cozy mystery.