Crimson Snow & Missing Joseph


Crimson Snow is one of this month’s read at the Kindle English Mystery Club.  Rather than a novel, it is a collection of classic short mysteries, all with a Christmas theme.  My hands down favorite was a Christmas “ghost” story, The Ghost’s Touch.  I always enjoy a Christmas ghost story and this one had fun twists and characters.   There is also a selection from Margery Allingham featuring her sleuth Mr. Campion, The Man with the Sack, which was also quite good.  Some of the other selections fell short, but overall it was a good Christmas mystery read.

Missing Joseph is book 6 in Elizabeth George’s Inspector Lynley series.  The book begins with a chance meeting with a vicar, who ends up “accidentally” poisoned.  The mystery here is well plotted and has quite a few twists and turns before the final reveal.  The side plots are equally important as the main mystery here with emotional upheaval in Lynley’s personal life and in St. James’ marriage.  The characters in this series are really well drawn and fully fleshed out and they are what really keep me coming back for more. Great book in an excellent series.

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    Wishing you a wonderful 2018,😊💟

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