Judging Joey by Elizabeth John

25320907  I received a signed copy of Judging Joey from the author, Elizabeth John, at NJRW Reader and Blogger Appreciation Luncheon.

I skimmed the back cover blurb of Judging Joey and decided to start reading it right when I got home from the luncheon.  Madeline White is a young teacher with a dark past returning to her hometown to help her uncle.  Officer Joey O’Neill is a hometown Golden Boy, who just makes everything look so easy.  Get ready for sparks to fly when the two meet again.

Madeline is a heroine who is easy to relate to and root for in this story.  Hardworking police officer, dedicated teacher, villainous helicopter mother, and puppies, what’s not to love?  Realistic depiction of school politics and the trials of being a non-tenured teacher set against a sweet, enemies-to-friends love story.  I really enjoyed this small town romantic novella!

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