The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan

9532302  I was engrossed in this book from the first page.  Jake, a 200-year-old werewolf, finds himself now the last of his kind, so the Grand Prize of sorts for the hunters of his kind.  Jake is pretty much tired of living anyway and ready to put things in order and sign off.

Unfortunately, things don’t go necessarily to plan.  Between vampires with agendas, a demented and entitled  heiress, infighting  hunters, scientists, prostitutes, and Jake’s familiar, Harley, there is just way too much that can go wrong and it pretty much all does.   The werewolf here is a singularly driven creature with a mantra, if you will, of primal urges, summed up insistently by Fuckkilleat!  Neither the werewolf nor the man make any apologies for the lives taken under the pull of the moon.  What would be the point of apologizing for one’s nature?

I found the book beautifully written, thought provoking, and engaging.  It just flowed and I finished it in the space of an afternoon.  It does contain copious amounts of graphic sex and violence and I have read reviews that have indicated that this turned some readers off so be aware of this ahead of time.  This is no sparkly werewolf love story novel, instead it is a great take on a  werewolf  lore and a great book.

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